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What we do

About Appocalypsis

APPOCALYPSIS is a SaaS application which Helps you Create & Manage Widgets which help with Conversion for your Websites. It's Quick and Easy to use. It then Gathers Important Analytics about how your Widgets are Progressing. A great online tool for Single Website Owners, Developers, Webmasters or Marketers. 

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250+ Templates to choose from

various templates: popups, opt-ins, countdowns, inline elements, exit intent widgets etc.

Widget Analytics

Views, Clicks and Leads per Referral, Countries, Cities etc.

Export Leads

Manage and Export the Leads
you get from your Widgets and Beamers

Widgets on Click

show the widget you wish
after the user has clicked on an element

Multiple Widgets

ability to show multiple
widgets per page


vaaaaaaaaaaaaarious segmentation criteria.
target your visitors


show a widget you
created on ANY website

Shareable Analytics Dashboard

share your widget analytics
with your co-workers

Inline Widgets

use inline widgets
within your website

Exit Intent Widgets

all our widgets can appear when user tries to exit your website

Widget Lifecycle

Stop showing form widgets when user has filled in the data

Autoresponder E-mail

Setup & Design an Autoresponder E-mail on your Form widgets.

Daily Analytics E-mail

Receive a Daily Summary E-mail about how your live widgets are converting

Account Notifications on Slack

Receive a Daily Summary Message on Slack about how your live widgets are converting

Seamless integrations with the tools you already use



Receive Widget Leads directly to your Slack Channel via a Webhook.


Receive Widget Leads (E-mails) to your Mailchimp List.


Use a Zapier Webhook and Sky is the Limit! Connect with hundreds of other services

Google Sheets coming soon

Receive Widget Leads (E-mails) to your Google Sheets via a Zapier Webhook.


Receive Widget Leads on your E-mail: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook ANY mail.

Viral Loops

Promote your Referral Campaigns built by Viral-Loops.com

Create your first Widget in 5'

How it Works

you will need:1m


The first thing you need to do is to register to APPOCALYPSIS. It is FREE and will only take you 1'.

you will need:5m


Browse our TEMPLATES page to see which types of Widgets could help you in Converting your Visitors. We offer different types of Solutions based on the Industry you work at. Feel free to Test all Widgets and monitor which work better with your audience.

you will need:5m+

Create your first Widget

Choose the Widget you want from the Templates page and click on SELECT to start modifying your WIDGET. Right after you click on SELECT you will be transferred to our WORKBENCH from where you can change the Widget's Size, Color, Copy, Position on your Website and much more depending on the Template you chose to modify. Once you've Finalized your desired design click on SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE.

on your website
you will need:5m+

Setup your Website (Add & Verify)

If you wish to add the Widget you created on your website, you will have to add your Website link on APPOCALYPSIS. Go here to add a website (you can add ad many websites as you wish).
As soon as you've added your Website, a Unique Code Snippet will be generated for you. Click on the Your Code Snippet button. Copy the Code and add it before the end of the tag in all pages of your website. Once you've added the code snippet click on Verify my Website. Once your website gets verified you are ready to do. You do not have to visit this page again, this is a one-time procedure per Website.

Setup & Activate

You are now ready to Activate the Widget on your website. The final step is to visit the setup page and see various interesting filters about when/how/where your Widget will show. Such features include: When you want you widget to appear (on Mouse Exit, when the user enters your website, inline after the end of an Article, on Click on a certain element of you website). You have the ability to hide the widget on Mobile devices and or Tablets. Finally you have the ability to show a Widget only on Visitors coming from FACEBOOK or from Twitter and only if they visit a specific page of your Website.

on another website
you will need:2m

Create a Beamer Link

You can choose to show the Widget on any* link you wish on the Web. A link of your Competitor, a Blog Post etc. In case you wish to do that you need to create a Beamer link. Beamers is what we call those links! What you need to do is go to the Beamers page and add a new beamer. You will be asked to add the URL which you wish to show when you share the Beamer link. You can give it s short name, for example nice-article-about-conversion and then you click on ADD. Your unique Beamer link has now been generated! Last thing you need to do is assign your Widget to that link! Click on assign widget and choose the widget you wish to show on that link and you are DONE!

Share your Beamer

Your unique Beamer Link is now ready and you are free to Share it on Social Media and gain Leads & Clicks via 3rd Party Content you share online!

you will need:5m+

Monitor Analytics & Manage Leads

So, you've Activated your Widget! It's time to monitor and learn via the Analytics Provided. If you've created a Widget which includes a Sign up Form you will also be able to View & Export your Leads.

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