3D Rotating images for your websites. Another Physical to Digital Transformation. #PimpMyPromotion — Episode III

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It’s the Weekend o’clock time and as usual another physical to digital transformation is ready!

This time I noticed a promotion by The Golden Hall probably, placed at the 2nd floor of the mall.

Posters promoting various brands that are located within the mall. Brands such as Replay, GAP, Lacoste, Napapijri and various others.

The posters were placed one next to the other in a circular position. Each poster promoted a different brand. Posters are 2-sided and you could walk in the circle created to see a different promotion at the other side!

Promotion by The Golden Hall in Athens.

When I saw this, I knew I found my next Physical to Digital Transformation. This time though, I did not do exactly what I saw. I took the idea and thought HOW could this idea be introduced to the Digital World.

First of all I had to build the new template at Appocalypsis so that everyone can now use this widget on their e-Shops. The best way to re-produce this promotion was to use a 3D Carousel to display 8 images and rotate with CSS.

Since this is a Digital Promotion there had to be some changes and additions to the original concept.

  • I added CTA (call to action) to all images which are editable (text, background color, font size + family)
  • I also added a title to the widget in order to fit various needs for people that are going to use it.
  • Finally, I added a close button 🙂 we don’t want to drive our visitors mad do we now?

Ideas on how to use this type of widget on your websites

  1. eShops: Buy the Look
  2. eShops: Our new collection is out
  3. eShops: Items over 50% Off
  4. eShops: What to wear…. // on Christmas Day // on a Saturday Night etc.
  5. eShops: Summer Trends
  6. Publishers: Top Stories
  7. Publishers: Category Specific Stories (i.e. latest gadgets)
  8. Publishers: Sponsored Stories (but without the title) … 😉

Till next time… If you want me to transform YOUR campaign to its Digital Form feel free to contact me at [email protected] or tweet the following:

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I love challenges and I love giving campaigns a breath of fresh (digital) air…!