A Digital to Digital+ Transformation for a brand that sells handmade shoes.

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#PimpMyPromotion — Episode IV

My posts up to now had to do with my new hobby: transforming ads from the Physical world to their Digital form. However the other day I noticed an ad on instagram that I just could not help adding to my series of digital transformations. So for this episode I guess I am doing a Digital to Digital+ Transformation.

This means that I made some alternative promotions to the digital campaign I noticed on instagram. From now on I think I will continue doing that as well, since I cannot visit malls every day 🤷‍.

Drum Roll….. Aaaaaand… the transformation is from a campaign I saw by The Workshop.

Here is what they say on their facebook page:
Thomas Carlyle once said “A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner.”
THE WORKSHOP honors that belief by crafting handmade shoes since 1938.

To start with, here is what I actually saw. On the specific campaign they advertise their new collection of shoes, and I guess I was in their target audience… 🤩 lucky me!

As you can see the campaign is presenting all different colors offered at their new collection.

The moment I saw that, I had 2 ideas on how I could transform that.

The first thought was the Carousel Template & the second thought was the Wheel of Fortune template of Appocalypsis.

The different colors and the way those were presented, inspired me to create something in which I would keep the colors concept. Especially in the Wheel of Fortune Example.

STEP 1: I had to get all the images from their website so that I could create the new campaigns.

The New Collection and the available colors.

STEP 2: Create the Carousel Widget.

Building the Carousel Widget at the Magnificent Workbench of Appocalypsis

This template was a piece of cake. I had to make minor modifications to our existing template in order to make it work. I added the images and then I customized the buttons to match the colors of the each shoe.


The Carousel Stops when the Visitor moves the mouse over each shoe. FOR A LIVE DEMO CLICK HERE

STEP 3: One transformation was simply not enough for this. This campaign is a great fit for our Wheel of Fortune, so I just couldn’t call it a day!

The end result Wheel of Fortune FOR A LIVE DEMO CLICK HERE

The Wheel of Fortune was a bit harder to create because it needed more customizations in order to meet what I had in mind.

When I saw the original campaign, the problem I had was that I wasn’t able to choose which color I wanted!! Sooooo… I sent my sister and my cousins the link of the brand and asked them…. WHICH COLOR DO YOU SUGGEST? As you can imagine, each of hte girls suggested a different color.

Having that in mind, I created the Wheel in order to choose the Color for me … !!!

That is all folks. #TGIF

By the way… Which color would YOU Choose?

Till next time… If you want me to transform YOUR campaign to its Digital Form feel free to contact me at [email protected] or tweet the following:

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I love challenges and I love giving campaigns a breath of fresh (digital) air…!