How to delete a Lead from a Widget

If you need to remove a Lead form a single lead from a widget you need to follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to your Widgets page
  • Click on the Leads link for the widget you would like to see your collected leads
  • In your Leads list we’ve added the option to delete a single lead


  • Click on the Delete button for the lead you wish to remove from the Specific widget and a Confirmation box will appear.
  • Click on Delete to remove completely, or Cancel if you changed your mind

Dallas has a 14+ year experience in building successful Web Applications.
She is also the founder of Appocalypsis. A SAAS platform offering over 275 widget templates which can help companies communicate messages to their visitors, and generate more leads. During her free time, she teaches about Digital Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. She loves building prototypes of her ideas after work hours.