Transforming Campaigns from the Physical World into their Digital form! #PimpMyPromotion – Episode II

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The other day I went for a walk at the Mall … You know what happens when I go to the mall right?

mmmm …yeah… It is my playground to get ideas for

The last time I went there I saw a campaign using the known-to-all Wheel of Fortune, and decided to transform it into its Digital form.

If you want to see what i did on my previous visit to the mall, you can check the link here. Hint hint: I used the digital Wheel of Fortune.

Before I continue, I just thought that since I kind of enjoy doing this:
Physical to Digital Marketing Transformation I decided to give it a name: #PimpMyPromotion by dallas (mmm, yes that’s me).

First of all, let me explain WHY I do this (apart from the fact that it is fun and challenging or maybe I am just losing my mind).

Since I started building Appocalypsis I had the following concept in mind 😆

We live in two worlds. The Physical and the Digital World. In terms of marketing the physical world has been around longer, so I can safely say that there is more experience there.

On the other hand the digital world provides insights and tools that help us learn about our customers super fast and also give us the ability to test assumptions and instantly see our customers reactions. We can fine-tune our campaigns, pause & start again, or even change completely.

If we can combine the experience of the physical world and the tools and speed of the digital world we could have greater results to our marketing campaigns.

This is the reason every time I visit a mall I try to notice what brands promote on their storefronts and how they do it. I take photos and then I convert the promotions into their digital form. (this is how #PimpMyPromotion was born 🤔).

Episode II: #PimpMyPromotion:

For Episode II I chose the store
Tricks & Treats located at the Golden Hall.

3/4 of their Shop Window was a campaign about an Easter Bazaar in which they offer 50% discount.

OMG Easter is around the corner! I totally forgot about that. I loved the design of their campaign so I thought,
WHY NOT- let me build that as a Widget, with some minor additions that are necessary or a lot easier to work on the digital world:

  • I included a Call to Action
  • I gave the Easter Egg a small animation

….. aaaaaaaand this is what I made:

Till next time… If you want me to transform YOUR campaign to its Digital Form feel free to contact me at [email protected] or tweet the following:

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I love challenges and I love giving campaigns a breath of fresh (digital) air…!