Wheel of Fortune: Transforming your concepts into their Digital form in 10 minutes!

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Last night I went to the movies at the Mall Athens. When the movie was over and as I was using the stairs to head to the parking space, I noticed a promotion by Angelo di spirito rosa using the known to all Wheel of Fortune!

I thought: “Tomorrow morning I will convert this into its Digital Form in just 10 minutes by using Appocalypsis”.

Our new widget does exactly that! It’s a fun way to engage your visitors.
The Appocalypsis Wheel of Fortune widget is based on the Reciprocity effect. Within the study of the psychology of relationships reciprocity is a principle, which speaks to the human need (and tendency) to want to give something back when something is received. This is what our Spinner is all about..

You can use the Appocalypsis Wheel of Fortune to:

  • Run a competition. Give various gifts to your visitors. Ask them to add their e-mail and after a draw pick the winner!
  • Give Promo Code Giveaways. Help your e-Shop convert! Give promo code giveaways to customers. That could be 10% off, 20% off etc. Make sure your promo codes expire after a short period so that you trigger the sense of urgency and boost conversions!
  • Engage Visitors. Think of various ways to engage your customers. Provide a random gift, or a random e-book giveaway. Create a wheel of fortune and communicate your top articles.

So, I woke up this morning super excited and started with the transformation.

Gamification Leads to more Engagement.

When a visitor of your website is confronted by a standardized pop-up the most likely scenario is that the pop-up is going to get ignored (when compared to the Wheel of Fortune). The constant use of them in almost every website has made visitors quite indifferent and thus the engagement is becoming lower. On the other hand when visitors are confronted by Spin the Wheel & Win, they feel they have the chance to win something big, let alone that they appreciate more their eventual gift than a typical sign up for a free book pop-up.

By using the Amazing Workbench of Appocalypsis it took me 10 minutes to bring the concept into its Digital Life form.

Via our Workbench you can:

  • Change the Colors of the Widget.
  • Choose the Number of Wheel Segments.
  • Change the Segments Colors and Copy.
  • Add your Company’s Logo.

This is what the end result looks like! You can also see a LIVE DEMO or read more about Appocalypsis Wheel of Fortune here.

Once you have your Wheel of Fortune up and running on your Website you can monitor useful analytics about your Wheel. You can see a Demo Analytics page of Appocalypsis here.

If you’ve seen any other amazing promotions out there, take a picture and send it over at [email protected]. I like challenges and I would love to prepare the digital form of anything you send!