5+1 Ways to turn visits into customers on your Fashion e-Shop.

If you own a Fashion e-Shop you know that it can be a fascinating, creative, and rewarding business. However, you constantly need to find ways to interact with your visitors and existing customers in order to maintain their interest towards your brand and your products.

At the same time, Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, and you need to be able to instantly communicate different messages to your customers. An easy way to create and communicate such marketing messages is by adding Widgets such as Overlays, Sliders, Popups on different pages of your website.

So, here are 5+1 ideas on Widgets that you should try on your e-Shop:

1. The Reciprocity Principle

Ask new visitors for their E-mail and make sure you give them something Back in Return. For example, an e-Book with Fashion Tips. Make sure you setup an Autoresponder in order to instantly send them the download link of the e-Book.

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2. Product of the Month!

Suggest visitors the “Product of the Month” and explain why it was selected as one. Your existing customers already trust your taste and fashion suggestions. Your new visitors might need some guidance or some help on where to start browsing!

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3. Seasonality Matters

Make sure you help your customers and visitors based on what things they need (depending on the current season). Give them a “shortcut” about something that matters. Time is precious and sometimes you need to save time for your customers and give them what you believe they need instead of letting them wonder around your e-Shop in order to find what they are looking for…

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4. Keep me in the Loop

Add an exit intent Popup asking for visitors to sign up to your newsletter. Then, create a strategy on how to convert those into customers.

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5. The Impulse Effect

Create a little widget which will stimulate your customers interest! That could be an icon on what is hot as a product category during this season.

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Extra Tip!

Run a Viral Campaign (, for example, a Competition with a nice giveaway! Make sure you promote your campaign with a Widget! :)

Go Viral or Go Home!