Chatalike Widget Template to Boost your Conversions

This is our Chatalike widget template that will really BOOST your Conversions.

This is the first thing your Visitor sees when they enter your website. Keep in mind that as-always you can change Colors, Images, Copy. (remember: imagination will get you anywhere) 

Once the visitor clicks on the Secret Agent they receive a Chat message (which is pre-defined by you) urging them to share their e-mail with you in order to get something back in return. In this example we've used the Secret Agent who is willing to share the Best Stories with the website's visitors. Bad Secret Agent!!

Amazing? I know, I am excited too!!!

If the visitors decide not to accept the Agent's proposal he can click on NO and the widget will go away! Bye bye widget ! However, if the visitors like the offer they can click YES  

This is the next screen in our new flow. The Agent asks the visitor to add their E-mail in order to send them the BEST stories!

Visitor adds their e-mail and the Agent says Bye Bye visitor :) That is all. All you need to do is LOGIN and create yours in 5 minutes!