How to Create a Slack incoming Webhook and get useful Appocalypsis updates on Slack

If you wish to receive useful Appocalypsis notifications on your Slack Team, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Slack Account and then navigate to Slack's App Directory
  • In the search field type: Incoming Webhook and select it.

  • In the new page that loaded click on Add Configuration

  • In the next page that appears choose in which channel you wish to receive Appocalypsis Notifications

  • Finally click on Add Incoming Webhooks Integration and from the next Screen just keep the Webhook URL handy! This is the only thing you need

  • Now just 1 more step and you are good to go! Come back to Appocalypsis and go to your Account Page. Scroll down to the bottom and locate the box that states: Receive account Notifications on Slack. Copy / Paste your Webhook URL that you Just created on Slack and click on the Update Webhook URL.

YOU ARE DONE! Here is what you will be receiving:

  1. Info on your Active Widgets twice a Day
  2. Notifications on new Appocalypsis features
  3. Notifications on new Appocalypsis templates
  4. Ideas on which Widgets to create based on time of year and your industry.