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WIDGET ID: #10848

Halloween Sales Widget

WIDGET ID: #10847

Happy Halloween Spinner

WIDGET ID: #10846

Trick or Treat

WIDGET ID: #10845

Halloween Sales Widget

WIDGET ID: #10844

Halloween Newsletter Sign up

WIDGET ID: #10843

Halloween Countdown

WIDGET ID: #9775

Bring your Mask

This is a widget to inform customers that a Mask is needed to enter the premises. Good for Restaurants, Hairdressers etc, where in some countries Masks are necessary after the Lockdown
WIDGET ID: #9676

Spin to Win!

The Wheel of Fortune is based on the Reciprocity effect. Within the study of the psychology of relationships reciprocity is a principle, which speaks to the human need (and tendency) to want to give something back when something is received.
WIDGET ID: #9663

Countdown to Easter

This is a cute countdown to Easter Widget which also provides a CTA under the countdown!
WIDGET ID: #9649

Arrange a Call Widget

A great way to inform visitors about your opening hours, working hours, office hours and so on.
WIDGET ID: #9597

We are LIVE on ZOOM

Let visitors know that you are having a live session on ZOOM and ask them to join you! Or, inform them about an upcoming session.
WIDGET ID: #9553

Case Study Form

Ask visitors to add their details in order to receive a case study by your company.
WIDGET ID: #9496

Sign up to our Webinar

Ask visitors to sign up to your upcoming webinars
WIDGET ID: #9404

StayHome Widget

Stayhome widget in various translations! :)
WIDGET ID: #9400

YouTube Video Widget!

Promote your new video courses with this video Widget. You can load a YouTube video which is initiated without sound then the widget loads
WIDGET ID: #9355

Greek Campaign: StayHome for Covid-19

Μένουμε σπίτι και προστατεύουμε τους εαυτούς μας και αυτούς που αγαπάμε! #μένουμε_σπίτι
WIDGET ID: #9336

Happy Easter Popup

A popup to wish your visitors a Happy Easter and inform them about any important information you might have!
WIDGET ID: #9335

Happy Easter for Lead Generation

Widget to be used for lead generation during Easter Holidays
WIDGET ID: #9334

Happy Easter!

Wish your Visitors Happy Easter and guide them to visit your top pages :)
WIDGET ID: #9328

POPUP For Online Learning

Inform visitors of your next online class
WIDGET ID: #9321

Easter Recipes in your Inbox

Use this widget to send some recipes to your subscribers, or to offer a promo code, or to ask visitors to sign up to your newsletter.
WIDGET ID: #9318

Easter Widget for Lead Generation

Give a special promo code on your e-shop for the easter period. Or just use this widget to ask visitors to sign up to your newsletter
WIDGET ID: #9314

Ways to contact us

If you team is currently working remotely you can inform visitors on ways they can come in contact with you.
WIDGET ID: #9313

Working Remotely

If your team is currently working remotely you can inform visitors on ways they can come in contact with you.
WIDGET ID: #9312

Company Updates in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak

Use this widget to allow your visitors to opt-in for company updates regarding COVID-19
WIDGET ID: #9311

Informative Popup

COVID 19 Announcement for Schools, Universities and other companies affected
WIDGET ID: #9310

COVID-19 Company Information

Use this widget to inform your customers about all the news your visitors needs to know in connection to the coronovirus
WIDGET ID: #9309

Classes moved online

Inform visitors about your school moving classes online!
WIDGET ID: #9308

Emergency Alert Badge

COVID 19 Badge for your Website
WIDGET ID: #9306

Emergency Alert

COVID 19 Announcement for Schools, Universities etc.
WIDGET ID: #8588

Choose your gift widget

Use this widget to promote specific landing pages on your eshop during the Christmas Season
WIDGET ID: #8586

Countdown: Days until Christmas

Add a countdown to your website to promote a specific landing page