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WIDGET ID: #5953

Christmas Competition

You can run a Christmas competition in order to enhance your lead generation campaigns during the Christmas season
WIDGET ID: #5950

Decoration Tips

WIDGET ID: #5948

What to Wear on Christmas Eve

Super cool bottom bar to promote a specific page of your e-shop during the Christmas Season
WIDGET ID: #5947

Free Shipping

WIDGET ID: #5946

The Daily Christmas List

WIDGET ID: #5945

Christmas Gift Guides

Promote your Christmas gift guides landing page with this minimalist bottom bar
WIDGET ID: #5943

Gift Guides for Christmas

WIDGET ID: #5942

Mini Countdown to Christmas

Get your visitors spirits high by using this super cool countdown to christmas
WIDGET ID: #5941

Make your Christmas Tree Stand out

WIDGET ID: #5939

I give my Consent to Santa

WIDGET ID: #5938

Christmas Ideas Ideas for Him/Her

WIDGET ID: #5937

Santa's Daily Tip

WIDGET ID: #5936

TOP Gift Ideas Call to Action

WIDGET ID: #5935

Countdown to Christmas

WIDGET ID: #5016

Notifications for my Favorite Team

WIDGET ID: #5015

Winner of the Next Game

This is a widget based on Instagram poll feature. Ask visitors to answer a question and see instant results based on what others have voted for
WIDGET ID: #4995

Watch Live

WIDGET ID: #4994

Get World Cup News

WIDGET ID: #4993

Latest World Cup News

WIDGET ID: #4991

Sports Related Tiny Widget

Use this tiny widget to inform visitors of which team you support during the world cup or any other sports related event
WIDGET ID: #4990

Countdown to Final

WIDGET ID: #4989

Sign up and Receive TOP Predictions

WIDGET ID: #4988

Ask for Visitor Feedback

WIDGET ID: #4986

Watch Game Live!

WIDGET ID: #4878

MINI GDPR Compliant Badge

WIDGET ID: #4877

GDPR Ready Badge

WIDGET ID: #4876

GDPR Compliant Badge

WIDGET ID: #4812

Full Popover with Form

WIDGET ID: #4811

Popover Widget

WIDGET ID: #4556

3D Widget (do not try on mobile)

WIDGET ID: #4555

3D Form (do not try on mobile)

WIDGET ID: #4534

Carousel Widget (not indicated for mobile)